Polly Lorien handblown functional and sculptural glass

      I create artifacts that invite the viewer to a memorable interaction. Glass is a timeless medium that demands devoted awareness. In the studio, I experience a mindfullness I strive to capture in completed work.

      I want to bring my audience into the present - into life. In the gyre of human experience, revelation can only arrive Now. Awareness of past and future are hopelessly adrift without an anchor to the present. Hot glass imposes its own logic on the maker's time and the product often takes on a life of its own. Time is change: growth and decay, visions and revisions. Embracing life requires communion with change.

      When I am working at the bench...sweating and breathing...balancing... revolving hot steel tipped with molten glass... I have no desire but to be there: to be there internally, to have no distraction from the Making, to quiet prosaic fears and hear with clarity the voice of intuition.