Polly Lórien, born in 1980, was raised on a ranch outside of Great Falls, Montana. Following high school, she moved to Boston and attended Brandeis University for one year before confirming the need to work equally with her mind and hands. She transferred to Massachusetts College of Art, and graduated with distinction in 2003, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Glass.

       Fresh from school, she was accepted as an apprentice with Benjamin Moore Incorporated in Seattle, Washington. During her six months in this professional glassblowing studio, she worked regularly with contemporary artists including Dante Marioni, Dan Dailey, Preston Singletary, Rich Royal, Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles.

       After this enlightening whirlwind, Polly drove to Penland School of Crafts in the mountains of North Carolina. As staff at Penland, she spent two years in the kitchen as well as the Hot Shop, running the salad bar and absorbing glass experience. Here in the Appalachians, she acquired another obsession for her hands, playing guitar; the pure expression, timing, and teamwork of which relate directly to glassblowing.

       She was thrilled to be invited to work at Hot Island Glass on Maui, Hawaii, in February of 2006. There with Chris Lowry, Chris Richards, and Miles Dreyer she was given the opportunity to work with an exceptional team and to continue expanding her glass vocabulary.

       In the summer of 2008, Polly and Miles got engaged and moved back to Celo, North Carolina. Polly was honored to be the full-time assistant to local glass artist Kenny Pieper for three years. She is now focusing on hand-carving molds for The People's Glass, a collaborative project with her husband. Polly is also an active singer/songwriter, regularly performing her original 'Hickster Jive'.